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The biggest mistake a seller can make is putting the right buyer in front of the wrong agent.

When it comes to selling the family home or investment property, the number one factor which will have the most significant bearing in both the emotional and financial result you achieve, is that of the agent and agency you select to represent you in the marketplace.

Our team offers a comprehensive sales and advisory service in all aspects of the sales process. Simply put, it is our responsibility to ensure our clients enjoy the sales journey comfortable in the knowledge that their best interests are being served throughout the process. It is our job to make sure that every thing is taken care of and that we deliver on our promises and responsibilities to the highest of standards.


When you partner with the team at Chan Yahl you get the best of our track record for success plus access to a national network of agencies to cross-list your property with our qualified and active buyer match.

Chan Yahl is a proud partner of the Agents’Agency – the only national network dedicated to exceptional buyer reach, client care and absolute reliability.

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Selling your home FAQ

A quick guide for what you need to know about selling a home.

When is it the best time to put my house on the market?

The best time to put your house on the market depends on a variety of factors and varies between one seller and another. It is traditionally thought that selling in spring when everything is in bloom, brighter and looks great will give the property the best opportunity to maximise the result. There is an argument however that with more properties coming to market, the oversupply may result in conditions favouring buyers. The opposite can be true in the quieter and colder months with fewer properties listed and possibly more buyers creating competition favouring the seller.

So, in answering the question, ultimately the best time to put your home to market is when it best suits you. Regardless of the time of year you decide to sell, our number one recommendation is to pick a period where you can allow enough time to prepare your home for sale and if applicable, address any maintenance issues. Besides promotion and marketing to the right audience, presentation is key to achieving an optimum result. Thereafter, you can then select a launch date subject to other personal and family commitments you may have.

How long will it take to sell my home?

The length of time it takes to sell your home, more commonly known in real estate sales terms, ‘days on market’ will depend largely on the current market conditions. In markets where supply is low, and demand is high, i.e. more buyers than homes, days on market are generally shorter. When the supply is high, and demand low, days on market can become protracted.

The advertised price of your house in comparison to other similar properties will also have a significant bearing on the time it takes to sell. When searching for properties, buyers will overlook overpriced houses with the assumption that one; they feel it is out of their price range and, or two, they feel other similar houses are priced more competitively.

Different marketplaces have different supply and demand pressures and we recommend that you speak with our agency to provide you with relevant and current information of recent comparable sales and days on market statistics.

How can I make sure my house appeals to buyers?

When selling a home, the best results are achieved when you can create an emotional connection between the buyer and the property. At our agency, we call this strategy ‘Making Your Home Their Dream.’ You can download a complimentary copy here. Download

In this booklet, you will get handy tips on how to best present your home to appeal to the widest audience. We believe that presentation is a key element of a successful sale as is investing in quality marketing mediums to reach that audience. Buyers search for properties for approximately six weeks before they venture out to physically inspect a home, so the way you promote the property online and in print media will have a direct effect to the type of buyer you attract.

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